NLC Dues Scam

Recently, an Oregon city received an invoice from the International League of Cities requesting membership dues. If any National League of Cities member receives a notice from this organization, disregard it. According to the NLC, it is a scam, which they've seen before. An easy-to-overlook disclaimer at the bottom of the notice states that it is not an invoice.

VLCT Overview

Every year, VLCT provides a one-page summary [Word] [pdf] of its services that can be included in Town Reports.

2014 VLCT Municipal Policy Papers

VLCT’s Municipal Policy Papers – Transportation, Education Funding, Land and Water, Public Safety, Self Governance, and Vermont’s Infrastructure – provide general information about municipal topics of statewide importance and recommendations for action.

2014 Open Meeting Law Resources and Training

The legislature significantly amended Vermont’s Open Meeting Law this year. See below for a list of resources and announcements

Vermont Open Meeting Law. This booklet provides an overview of the law as amended as well as guidance for entering executive session.  It can be downloaded for free or purchased from the online bookstore.  Due to the length of the amended law, this booklet replaces our former Open Meeting Law poster.

• VLCT's 2014 Open Meeting Law Frequently Asked Questions

• VLCT Model Rules of Procedure for Muncipal Boards, Committees, and Commissions (available as PDF or Word).

• Vermont Digital Economy Project Municipal Websites Page

Open Meeting Law Onsite workshops. MAC attorneys can come to your town to review how the law has changed and answer questions.

For more information or to schedule an onsite workshop, please contact Abby Friedman at or 800-649-7915, ext. 1926.

What's in a One-to-One PACIF WorkStrong Wellness Consultation?

This new YouTube video gives a quick overview of one way we are helping PACIF members' employees get serious about wellness. Studies show that healthy workers are injured less often and recover more quickly than unhealthy ones. In each One-to-One Wellness Consultation, Heidi Joyce spends 30 minutes with a single employee to get a handle on his or her wellness status and develop customized strategies for improving. Members just need to schedule several consultations for a single day so Heidi can share her know-how and enthusiasm.

Vermont School and Municipal Leadership Conference on Education Property Tax and Funding Reform

On August 14, 2014, several municipal leaders convened the Vermont School and Municipal Leadership Conference on Education Property Tax and Funding Reform at South Burlington High School. The intent was not to propose a solution but rather to learn from and inform others. Visit the conference page for more information and links.


Municipal Assistance Center

Our mission is to provide local officials with the education, training and professional assistance they need to fulfill their statutory duties.

 Event Calendar and Registration


Feb. 10 - Town Meeting Tune-Up

Feb. 18 - Local Government Day

March 21 - Spring Selectboards Institute

March 24 - Spring Auditors

Check here to register and to read a full event listing.




2014 Weekly Policy Highlights

VLCT Advocacy's Weekly Policy Highlights are now posted here.

Want a little video with your pdf file? Then watch VLCT's new series of online videos. Each Friday during the legislative session, we'll summarize legislative issues that most impact Vermont's cities and towns.