Communications and Marketing Department


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Dean Mudgett, Director, Communication and Marketing Department

Manages VLCT's Communication and Marketing Department.


Theresa Bachand, Administrative Assistant/Receptionist

The friendly voice you hear when you call VLCT. Also assists with Human Resources and Administration projects.


Allyson Barrieau, Senior Communications Associate

Edits the VLCT News; coordinates other VLCT communications with members, general public and media.


Shawna Brulé, Membership Coordinator

Maintains VLCT’s membership data, supports membership initiatives.


Lisa Goodell, Conference Coordinator

Provides logistics for VLCT and its related Trusts meetings, conferences, and conventions, including event planning, coordinating VLCT’s annual meeting, and administrative contract group work; acts as liaison with affiliate local government associations.


David Gunn, Senior Communications and Administrative Associate

Copy edits the VLCT News and other VLCT publications; edits VLCT's website.


Ione Minot, Marketing Specialist

Assists Risk Management Services with communications media and informational materials that describe VLCT services to its members and the public.


Roxanne Pike, Senior Production Specialist

Oversees VLCT's extensive in-house production capabilities; addresses facilities maintenance issues and orders supplies for VLCT operations.


Larry Smith, Manager, Member Relations

Manages customer relations, marketing, membership retention, and development for VLCT PACIF and the VLCT Employment Resource and Benefits (VERB) Trusts.