Information and Communications Department


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Jim Burke, Director, Information Technology and Communications

Manages VLCT's IT and Communications Divisions.


Communications Division

Allyson Barrieau, Senior Communications Associate

Edits the VLCT News; coordinates other VLCT communications with members, general public and media.


David Gunn, Senior Communications and Administrative Associate

Copy edits the VLCT News and other VLCT publications; edits VLCT's website.


Information Technology Division

Shawna Brulé, Membership Coordinator

Maintains VLCT’s membership data, supports membership initiatives; Ad hoc assistant to the Administrative Services Dept.


Vacancy, Information Systems Administrator

Administers VLCT’s computer and telephone technology resources, including member database administration.

Claire Millette, Document and Database Systems Administrator

Administers VLCT’s database and document management systems in conjunction with the Information Systems Administrator.