Conference on Education Property Tax and Funding Reform


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On August 14, 2014, municipal leaders convened the Vermont School and Municipal Leadership Conference on Education Property Tax and Funding Reform at South Burlington High School.  The goal of this Conference was not to arrive at any particular reform proposal to present to Vermonters and the Legislature. Instead, the 162 school and municipal officials convened there to inform and to learn. Officials took what they learned back to their local boards and councils to determine if  they want to take a position on one or more elements of reform. That is up to each individual community to decide.

As the agenda (see link below) shows, the morning was focused on providing information and the afternoon to brainstorming ideas for towns to consider as we approach another election season and the 2015 legislative session. Many attendees felt the materials distributed by the presenters would be of interest to persons concerned about education property tax. The following links lead to those documents.