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About VLCT’s Legislative Advocacy Program

The Vermont League of Cities and Towns represents municipal interests at the state and federal levels.

League staff work in the Vermont State House to educate legislators about the impacts their actions have on the conduct of local government. The League also works to bring issues of local concern to the attention of legislators so that these issues may be resolved in statute.

Most importantly, VLCT ensures that State House news is available to members to use when they contact their legislators directly. (See Legislative Alerts and Weekly Legislative Report sections.) Member involvement is the most important aspect of VLCT legislative efforts, as legislators respond best to direct, informed contact from their constituents.

League members also draft the Municipal Policy, VLCT’s annual legislative platform. Each summer, five committees work to draft the Policy before its final approval at the League's Annual Meeting at Town Fair in the fall. The VLCT Board of Directors also provides guidance to League staff as issues come up during the legislative session.

VLCT staff and Board members also participate in state agency rule-making, quasi-judicial hearings, and permit applications. These administrative actions have as much impact on local government as does the legislation itself.

At the federal level, VLCT represents Vermont municipal interests in Congress and before federal agencies through its membership in the National League of Cities, and its work with Vermont's congressional delegation.

VLCT Advocacy staff are also updating the legislative session as it pertains to municipalities via five Monday webinars that take place from noon to 1 p.m. The webinars will include sufficient time for Advocacy staff to answer your questions.

Local Government Day

Local Government Day in the Legislature is an annual event at the Vermont State House during February where local officials can learn about the status of pending legislation that affects local government, attend legislative hearings, and speak with their representatives and senators.