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What Happens on July 1

Posted by Karen Horn on 18 June 2015

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July 1, 2015, is a big date in the Vermont Waste Management World, one that will affect everyone who tosses out trash. On that date, solid waste districts, alliances and groups, transfer stations, and drop-off facilities must charge for residential trash disposal based on volume or weight. Recyclables – including residential recyclables for which transfer stations and drop-off facilities already may not charge – are banned from the landfill. Transfer stations and drop-off facilities must accept leaf and yard debris. Haulers must offer residential recycling collection at no separate charge. Public buildings must provide recycling containers beside all trash containers in public places (except rest rooms).Food scrap generators of 52 tons per year or more must divert material to any certified facility within 20 miles.

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Solid Waste Workshop

Posted by Chloe Collins on 2 February 2015

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On January 29, the Vermont League of Cities and Towns' Municipal Assistance Center hosted a day-long workshop on Act 148, the Universal Recycling Law. One hundred fourteen local officials, solid waste district and alliance members, and state Solid Waste Division staff attended. Morning sessions featured an overview of the law, its structure, mandates, and phase-in dates, and a review of variable rate pricing options and parallel collection, which is the requirement to provide recycling containers wherever trash containers are available. Alyssa Schuren, Deputy Commissioner of the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation, described the Agency of Natural Resources' implementation of Act 148 and how towns are affected by its requirements. A third session provided a roadmap for creating a Solid Waste Management Plan; the final session explored the role and findings of the Solid Waste Infrastructure Advisory Committee, which was formed as a result of 2014 legislation.

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