Vermont Clean Cities Workplace Charging Incentive


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Posted on 12/03/2015 by VLCT Communications


The Vermont Clean Cities Workplace Charging Incentive helps Vermont workplaces, both public and private, offset the cost of purchasing and installing an electric vehicle (EV) charging station. The incentive is offered in tiers based on the type of incentive level the business is interested in: $525 for non-networked single-port stations, $1,050 for networked single-port stations, and $1,575 for any dual-port station. Each business can utilize incentive funding for one new station and must coordinate with Vermont Clean Cities before purchasing the electric vehicle supply equipment. More information is posted here.


This incentive program was designed around the State of Vermont's goal that 10% of all on-road vehicles be fueled by renewable sources by 2025. Data show that employers who install workplace charging stations have employees who are 20 times as likely to purchase an EV then if no station existed.