Vermont Idle Free


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Posted on 05/15/2014 by VLCT Communications


The American Lung Association has teamed with the University of Vermont Certification for Sustainable Transportation to launch Vermont Idle Free, a free online certification for Vermont diesel truck drivers and fleet managers about the benefits of idling reduction.

Vermont's idling reduction law, which became effective May 5, 2014, limits idling of all motor vehicles to no more than five minutes in a 60-minute period. While there are exemptions, primarily for emergencies and equipment use, idling is unnecessary in most cases. This certification, which takes approximately 45 minutes to complete, will help drivers understand:

  • the health and environmental impacts of idling;
  • idling and vehicle wear and tear;
  • idling, fuel consumption and associated costs; and
  • Vermont idling reduction laws.

The program can result in cost savings and healthier employees. There are several options for drivers to take the course:

  1. The American Lung Association can provide a town with a link to the program, and each employee can access the training through that link.
  2. The American Lung Association can provide a group training. With a facilitator, drivers and employees can attend and complete the course together.
  3. Independent drivers can request a link from or call the Lung Association at 876-6860.

You can take the certification at (allow 40-50 minutes).