Vermont Road User Safety Fair


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Posted on 08/31/2016 by VLCT Communications


The Vermont Highway Safety Alliance will host a Vermont Road User Safety Fair on the state house lawn in Montpelier on Tuesday, September 13, from 3:30-6:00 p.m. The fair will show how Vermonters are working together to make using the state’s roads safer for all. From cars to pedestrians to bicyclists to horse riders and farm vehicles, Vermonters all share the same roads but have different vulnerabilities. Visit the fair to learn about highway safety in Vermont, the resources that can help make the next generation of drivers safer, and see some high-tech tools that are changing driver education in the state. The fair is family-friendly and educational for all ages.


Speakers will include Chris Cole, Secretary, Vermont Agency of Transportation; Robert Ide, Commissioner, Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles; Glen Button, Chair, Vermont Highway Safety Alliance; and Owen M. Smith Jr., AT&T Regional Vice President.


A touring public demonstration of AT&T’s virtual reality driving simulator will show with 360-degree ‘VR’ what next-generation technology can do to help emphasize how dangerous taking your eyes off the wheel can be while driving. Research shows that seven in ten people engage in smartphone activities while driving, and people are doing much more than texting from behind the wheel.** People can also use Google Cardboard and their own smartphone to experience the simulation at home. A YouTube video about it is at


Vermont organizations will demonstrate available high-tech resources such as computerized driving simulators available through the Vermont Department of Health, the UVM Medical Center, and My Decision Driving, as well as the Vermont-made mobile app JoyRyde, which provides incentives for not using a phone while driving. VTrans will demonstrate an online public crash data query tool that allows individuals to search through Vermont’s crash data, helping to identify unsafe intersections and sections of road, supporting town efforts to seek resources that help solve those safety issues. Local Motion will demonstrate new technologies including eBikes, LED lights, and tools for law enforcement to measure safe passing distance between a bicyclist and a vehicle.


Bicyclists and horse riders will find allies at the fair including walk-bike advocates Local Motion and the Vermont Horse Council. Other participants include Project RoadSafe, the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles, My Decision Driving, and the Youth Safety Council of Vermont, VTrans, and more.