Town Meeting Resources


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Town Meeting Day is Tuesday, March 7, 2017

See below for materials to help prepare and conduct your Town Meeting, as well as how to have a successful post-Town Meeting. As always, for additional help contact the Municipal Assistance Center at (800) 649-7915, or email

Model Town Meeting Warnings and Town Meeting Articles

All towns must warn their Town Meetings by posting a warning and notice, not less than 30 nor more than 40 days before the annual town meeting day. For 2017, the first day to post the Town Meeting Warning is January 26 (40 days prior) and the last day is February 5th (30 days prior).

We have prepared six model warnings to address how towns may warn their Town and School Meetings (together or separately) and different methods of voting that may be used (floor and/or Australian ballot). PLEASE NOTE: We have included School Meeting Warnings because many towns and schools hold these meetings in conjunction.

Before using any model warnings, please read our Town Meeting Article memo [here]. The memo provides a detailed list of articles that are typically warned every year along with other articles a town may consider.

For the Town Meeting model warnings go [here]. 


Robert's Rules of Order is available in the revised 11th edition (2013), and the updated 2nd edition of Robert's Rules in Brief. To order please go to VLCT's Bookstore [here] and scroll down.

More Town Meeting Resources