Town Meeting Resources: Model Town Meeting Warnings


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Listed below are model warnings for Town Meetings. It is important to correctly warn the articles to be considered by the voters, i.e. the business to be transacted. Before using any model warning please review VLCT's memo on Town Meeting Articles [here]. The memo provides a detailed list of articles to be warned, as well as sample language to use for each article.

Importantly, to ensure your town is using the most appropriate model warning, please also carefully refer to each model's "USE OF THIS MODEL WARNING" paragraph. The model warnings are organized by Town only or combined Town and School Meetings, and then by floor vote only, Australian ballot only, or combined floor vote and Australian ballot. You can view and download the model warnings below:

  Floor vote only Australian ballot only Floor vote and Australian ballot
Town meeting only [Download link] [Download link] [Download link]
Town and School meeting [Download link] [Download link] [Download link]