Custom Workshops


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VLCT MAC staff members are available to deliver on-site workshops to municipal officials in their own offices across the state. Workshops usually last around two hours and can be delivered in place of a local board or commission’s regularly scheduled meeting. Neighboring municipalities can also join together to schedule one workshop for both boards.

On-site workshops cost $825, though VLCT PACIF members are eligible for a reduced rate of $415 for many of the topics listed below (except for land use). PACIF members interested in a training that can reduce the risk of property, casualty, or liability claims can apply for a PACIF scholarship to cover the cost of the training. Please visit the PACIF Scholarships webpage or call PACIF Loss Control at 800-649-7915 for more information on these scholarships.

In addition, MAC can develop custom workshops upon request. To discuss or schedule a workshop, please contact Abigail Friedman or call 800-649-7915.

On-site Workshops for Municipal Officials

• Open Meeting Law
• Managing Conflicts of Interest
• Board of Civil Authority and Effective Tax Appeal Hearings
• Ordinance Adoption and Enforcement
• Inter-local Agreements
• Municipal Charter Adoption and Amendment
• Animal Control
• Adopting Financial Policies
• Internal Controls and Fraud Risk Assessment
• Roles and Responsibilities of the Selectboard and Municipal Manager/Administrator
• Customer Service and Team Building (for certain departments)
• Relationship between the Selectboard and Independently Elected Officers

On-site Workshops for Municipal Land Use Boards

• Capital Planning and Budgeting
• Conducting Effective Meetings and Hearings
• The Effective Land Use Board
• Effective Zoning Enforcement
• Field Guide to Adopting and Amending the Town Plan and Bylaws
• How to Interpret Development Plans
• How to Make and Write an Effective Land Use Decision
• Managing Conflicts of Interest in Local Land Use Decisions
• Major Types of Development Review
• Adopting Local Act 250 Review
• Is a Development Review Board Right for Our Town?
• Should Our Town Adopt On the Record Review?
• Should Our Town Adopt Zoning?
• Understanding Homeowners’ Associations