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About the VLCT Municipal Assistance Center (MAC)

The Municipal Assistance Center (MAC) is comprised of six professionals with diverse backgrounds in municipal law, public management, municipal research and water quality protection. Our mission is to provide local officials with the education, training and professional assistance they need to fulfill their statutory duties. MAC is supported by membership dues, a state grant and fees that are charged for specific services.

Dues or Grant Funded Services

  • Municipal Inquiry Service, which fields general inquiries from VLCT members in accordance with the VLCT MAC Inquiry Policy. MAC also supports the VLCT Resource Library by contributing a wide range of documents, including articles, technical papers and handbooks. This online, searchable library is available 24/7 to VLCT members.
  • Online manuals and handbooks, which provide a plain-English guide to state and federal laws.
  • Submission of amicus curiae briefs in Vermont Supreme Court cases that consider municipal issues with statewide impact.
  • Salary and Benefits Survey, an annual report of municipal compensation by position (free to responding members).
  • Model ordinances, policies and bylaws.
  • Newsletter articles which track recent legal and regulatory events and answer questions posed by the membership.
  • Technical papers on complex matters of municipal law and administration.
  • On-site assistance with water quality planning and regulation.

Fee-based Services

While much of our information is available free of charge to VLCT members, the following services are available to members on a fee-for-service basis:

  • Customized on-site workshops.
  • Day-long seminars and workshops.
  • Ordinance and policy drafting and review.
  • Personnel consulting and labor relations assistance.
  • Strategic planning and organizational restructuring assistance.
  • Printed copies of publications.
  • Any other service or project which municipalities lack the time or expertise to tackle.

Please review the more detailed list of MAC services at right and contact MAC today if we can be of assistance.