Employee Assistance Program FAQs


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Does VLCT offer an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

Yes. Invest EAP is a benefit provided at no charge to every member municipality of VLCT PACIF.

Who can use EAP?

All employees of the above named groups and their household members can access Invest EAP's services at any time.

What issues can EAP help with?

EAP can help address family and relationship problems, workplace stress, anxiety, depression, stress, substance abuse, legal issues, financial problems, daycare and eldercare resources, grief and loss, career planning, and problems with anger and violence.  

How do employees access EAP?

Employees and their household members may call anytime toll free at 800-287-2173. They may also contact EAP and learn more about it at its web site by logging in following the instructions in this letter.

What other benefits come with the program?

The VLCT EAP program not only offers special services to employees but also offers special counseling services to supervisors in areas of substance abuse, violence, disability accommodations, diversity, and harassment.