PACIF Grant Program


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The PACIF Grant Program has returned for 2017! This widely used program reimburses current members for buying pre-approved equipment or services that will directly reduce the potential for future workers’ compensation, property, or casualty/liability insurance claims. Certain items are eligible, and each grant matches the member’s investment dollar-for-dollar up to a maximum grant of $1,000, $2,500, or $5,000 depending on the member's annual PACIF contribution amount. Interested members must first read and understand the 2017 PACIF Grant Guidelines, then submit an application which defines the desired purchase, explains how it is expected to reduce the member's claims, and includes specific itemized quotes from vendors. The Awards Committee will evaluate applications and send a letter of notification to each applicant. We encourage smaller members to pool funds and share equipment.

Items bought with past grants include eye wash stations, hydraulic lifting tailgates, power cots (stretchers), trench boxes, sewer cameras, ergonomic office equipment, centrally monitored building security systems, worksite traffic sign packages, portable traffic light systems, and durable personal protective equipment such as turnout gear and chain saw chaps. Eligible items have in common the fact that they are expensive and likely to significantly reduce the risk of damage to people or property. The 2017 PACIF Grant Guidelines explain more fully what items are or aren't eligible.

Applications are accepted twice a year: from January through April for grants awarded in May, and again from May through August for grants awarded in September. The majority of the available funding is awarded in the first round, so members are encouraged to apply early in the year. Also, because each member may receive only one grant per calendar year, requests from multiple departments must be combined and submitted as a single application.

If you have questions, please feel free to call Loss Control Services at 800-649-7915.