PACIF Scholarships


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The PACIF Scholarship Program reimburses current PACIF members for hosting or sending their employees to safety workshops, risk management seminars, and other training programs related to public entity risk management and/or safety. Scholarships can cover reasonable expenses including the training itself as well as — even if there is no fee for the training — training materials; textbooks and other study materials; travel by air, rail, or bus; and lodging. These scholarships must be applied for and approved before the training takes place, and funds will be reimbursed after the training is complete and receipts have been submitted to and approved by PACIF.

Scholarships are available for individual attendees or to cover group training expenses. A member can apply for a total of up to $2,500 per calendar year, of which up to $1,000 can be for two individual trainings of as much as $500 each. Applications are accepted and scholarships are awarded throughout the year for both group and individual trainings.

Please refer to the three-page PACIF Scholarship Guidelines to learn the requirements and parameters of the program. If you have further questions, call either Loss Control Services or Member Relations at 800-649-7915.